Nicolock Verona Kitchen Island



It’s a warm summer evening and the kids are playing in the pool. You’ve got a cold drink in your hand and some hamburgers on the grill. The sun is about to set, and everyone is enjoying another wonderful day in your outdoor living space. 

The Verona Kitchen helps tie this whole scene together. Nicolock’s Verona Kitchen kits makes for a dynamic outdoor cooking experience. These units include a stainless-steel grill and refrigerator built into our six-piece granite countertops and lintel. You can cook with ease in this beautiful yet durable arrangement that adds an instant “wow” factor to any backyard. 

The Verona Kitchen is built with Verona Wall stones. These fade-resistant stones feature a deep, rich color that provides immediate beauty. Homeowners can mix and match different colors to create a unique look for their home using Nicolock products, including patio, retaining wall and pool accent paving stones. 


• Verona Wall
• 6 Piece Granite Tops
• 14” x 20” Single Access Door • cutout dimensions: 14¼” (W) x 19¼” (H) x n/a (D)
• 30” Double Access Door • cutout dimensions: 30¼” (W) x 19¼” (H) x n/a (D)
• 38” TRL Grill • cutout dimensions: 38½” (W) x 10” (H) x 20¾” (D)
• 21” Standard Refrigerator
• 15” Sink • cutout dimensions: 14⅜”(W) x n/a (H) x 14⅜” (D)
• Refrigerator Trim Kit • cutout dimensions: 20¾” (W) x 33⅛ ” (H)
• Concrete Lintels